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Prevention & Early Treatment Planning Visit

Prevention & Early Treatment/Meds on Hand

During prevention and early treatment planning visit, a nurse practitioner will review current and past medical history, and medications and then formulate both a covid treatment plan and/or prevention plan appropriate to age, comorbidities, and contraindications.
A COVID specialist doctor or nurse practitioner will provide detailed information on all component medications, including those to be purchased over-the-counter. All prescriptions will be electronically transmitted to pharmacies that are able to fill COVID-19 approved including off-label medications.
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A Note to Our Patients

As a practice, our covid treatment center has been open for a short time and has treated over 300 patients for prevention and early treatment planning of all stages of COVID-19 and post-vaccine syndromes. Our quality of service to our patients is our number one priority in our telehealth practice. However, in this new era of healthcare, working with a smaller team, and with limited resources, we understand the challenges that many of you also face as patients. The current healthcare system often denies the reality of your condition and offers no concrete solutions or tangible assistance to help you recover.
Almost all of us have left or been forced to leave secure positions with generous benefits because we are committed to providing moral and ethical patient-centered care. This places us as practitioners in the position of needing to ensure financial viability while trying to do the right thing for increasingly complex patient care and the evolving knowledge of the disease. It is in this context that we are changing our current payment structure to better meet the needs of patients while supporting our high-quality practice.

Consultation fee

The Consultation fee of a prevention and early treatment visit for over 18 years old is $250 with Dr. Kory's team and $300 with Dr. Pierre Kory, who is a trusted pulmonary specialist.
Communication for prevention and early treatment visit will be text and/or telephone-based. If you fall ill, we have our trained nursing team available by text or phone included in this price.
PLEASE NOTE: Complex emails will require a follow-up visit with one of our prescribers.
*Pro-bono consults can and will be offered in cases of financial hardship where proof of income provided.

How to book an appointment

A nurse will contact you to help you schedule an appointment and collect payment. Appointments will not be confirmed until all tasks have been completed and payment has been confirmed.