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The Leading Edge Clinic offers patients in home COVID-19 treatment services as well as other medical interventions and services. Dr. Kory and Scott Marsland, FNP-C along with their highly trained team of COVID providers will create a protocol tailored to each patients using a combination of FDA-approved medications for both labeled and off-label indications used around the world for all phases and complications of COVID. We emphasize following science, world class medical practices, and compassionate patient-centric care.


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Targeted Medical Intervention Services

The Leading Edge Clinic offers high level specialized care interventions provided by an experienced NP with a wide and diverse knowledge base of therapeutics and strategies. These services are valuable in guiding therapy which lead patients to healing and optimal health. In traditional medical practice settings, it isn’t possible to provide these services under the time constraints and limited reimbursement from health insurance. We have priced the visits in accordance with the intensive, individualized care which people need and deserve..    LEARN MORE

COVID-19 Care Services

long haul covid treatmentPrevention and Early Treatment Planning Visit

During prevention and early treatment planning visit, a nurse practitioner will review current and past medical history, and medications and then formulate both a COVID-19 treatment plan and/or prevention plan appropriate to age, comorbidities, and contraindications.    LEARN MORE

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Long Haul COVID Visits

Long-haul covid treatment is based on a comprehensive video visit with a nurse practitioner. Full assessment and evaluation of the severity, duration, and character of all long-haul symptoms suffered since recovery from acute phase of COVID-19.   LEARN MORE

How to book an appointment

A nurse will contact you to help you schedule an appointment and collect payment. Appointments will not be confirmed until all tasks have been completed and payment has been confirmed.