General Medical Care

The Leading Edge Clinic offers general medical care services, including three main subscription programs, which give you access to world-class medical care from the comfort of your home.  Openings, however, are limited so consider enrolling now as a patient. We prioritize interventions which promote health versus those that simply treat illness and symptoms. This is made possible by the time, attention and broader knowledge of therapeutic approaches we offer.

Many of us have become habituated to high cost, low co-pay healthcare which delivers inferior services and dishonest guidance. We are joining the movement to create an alternate model of care. Our patients understand that this model delivers more honest care, with a high value- added. We take an integrative medicine approach to health care. This helps patients prevent disease and maintain optimal health using nutraceuticals, lifestyle modifications and medications when needed.

Our general practice clinicians acknowledge that patient needs are different, and require an individualized treatment plan. Rigid medical templates and guidelines do not work for every person. Working outside of the algorithms and reimbursement criteria of insurance companies enables us to think flexibly and independently about you. Whether you are generally healthy or have multiple health issues, we can help you achieve individual health goals to live your best life.

Slots for general primary care in our practice will be provided on a first come, first serve basis as they become available. Eligible patients must be over the age of 18.

Initial visit- Comprehensive evaluation to establish patient care with practitioner. Discuss medical, social and family history. Review previous diagnostic tests including laboratory testing, radiographic testing, and procedures. Together, you and your practitioner will determine health goals and a treatment plan.

For costs of our subscription program, please contact us CONTACT US HERE

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Nursing Only Access Subscription Program

With this subscription, access to nursing consultations and support is unlimited and visits with a provider can be scheduled as needed with a fee paid per visit. Messaging via the patient portal can be used for focused concerns such as renewals for Rx medications, and simple medication or symptom management in consultation between the nurse and provider.

 How To Book An Appointment

To find out more about our subscription program, please use the button below to contact us and a staff member will help you set up an appointment to enrroll,