Patient Testimonials

NOTE- these are patent-submitted videos posted on Vimeo, the size and style vary. 

Justin Bennet

Justin Bennett, post-vaccine injured patient of Dr. Kory’s. Justin suffered from brain fog and even bouts of anger before discovering he was vaccine injured. The turnaround has been dramatic.

John Crutchfield

John is a post vaccine injured patient being cared for by Scott Marsland FNP-C. As an over the road trucker, John noticed issues with his heartbeat and other symptoms he couldn’t explain. Leading Edge is helping him, “sort it all out.”

Alan Rojer

Alan is a patient under the care of Scott Marsland FNP-C and has been treated for acute Covid, impressed, he says, with .a “spark of essential humanity.”

Ryan Hans

32-year old Ryan Hans thanks Leading Edge Clinic for saving his life after worsening, mysterious symptoms after getting Long Covid-19. He went from being bed-ridden, in anti-depressants, to getting back to living his best life.