Water Wise
The family of one of our staff has used a WaterWise water distiller since 1994.  Having a distiller in the home is an economical way to have pure water which will support recovery of one’s health.

Zero Spike
This Italian non-profit organization utilized quantum physics to create NAC Augementata, a nutraceutical which efficiently denatures spike so that our body can clear it. This is the English language version of their site, which has many resources related treating vaccine injury, and outlines the science behind their discoveries.

Full Script
In the Wild West of supplements, where it is hard to tell one brand from another, Full Script lends some order for both practitioners and patients.  Any supplement which they carry has been third-party tested for the integrity of its ingredients.  They have climate controlled warehouses, with last-in-first-out inventory control.  Our patients receive a 30% discount on the products we order though FullScript, and monthly we receive payment for 5% of sales.

Rishi Tea
The largest purveyor of loose leaf organic teas in the United States, based out of Milwaukee, WI.  Drinking high quality, everyday green tea can protect our cells from the spike protein.

Oxy Health
One of three FDA approved purveyors of soft-shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) units in the U.S.  A dedicated representative has provided excellent service to dozens of our patients.

Rupa Health
Rupa consolidates medical testing, easing the burden for patients who are homebound, or live in very rural areas.  They can assist with setting up phlebotomy, and even providing 0% financing for three months if needed to accomplish lab testing.

Genova Diagnostics
Genova Diagnostics offers a range of testing, including stool analysis which provides insight into health of a patient’s microbiome.  Kits are mailed to patients. Testing comes with a 30 minute consult between your Leading Edge Clinic practitioner and a Gastroenterologist at Genova.  This consistently produces useful and actionable insights for the patient.

Dr. Fazio
Website for Dr Anthony Fazio, who offers telemedicine consultations through Leading Edge Clinic in custom herbal preparations based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How Bad Is My Batch
Website which utilizes US Federal data from VAERS.  Patients can look up their COVID shot lot numbers and find out if they received a bad batch.  5% of shots are associated with 90% of injuries.

C19 Early
Organization of/by/for the vaccine injured which is an ongoing source of information, support, guidance, and financial assistance to the vaccine injured.

A Midwestern Doctor
Astute commentary on all things COVID, and beyond, by an exceptional practitioner.