Karen Gates, RN, CTH

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Karen Gates




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Karen Gates, RN, CTH has been a Registered Nurse for twenty eight years. In 1995 she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  During her long career, she has worked in medical-surgical, medical surgical oncology, and bone-marrow transplant units.  She has also worked in school nursing, and most recently as a US Consulate Health Unit Nurse for the Department of State.

Karen exemplifies a common trait of every person on our team: we are lifelong learners and open to finding the resources and tools to heal our patients.  Her experience in healthcare during the pandemic has been eye-opening and sparked her interest in functional medicine.  She wanted to share this quote: “Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses…we must be learning all of our lives.” – Florence Nightingale 

Karen says, “I count every day a blessing from God. Christ is the light that shines my path. I love being a nurse and caring for others. I joined this team in September 2022. I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness at the opportunity to become a part of this amazing group of providers.”  

Her family relocated to Florida this past year. She has been married twenty two years and has raised three children.  Her family also has a dog and four cats, all adopted during their overseas journeys.  Outside of work she enjoys spending time with family, scuba diving, snorkeling, snow skiing, hiking, photography, and wild life safaris. Her family has lived in three different countries and traveled extensively while living overseas.