Scott Marsland, FNP-C, CTP

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Scott Marsland, FNP-C




Fluent English

Scott Marsland has been an RN since 1997, and an FNP-C since 2014. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with an MS in Nursing from SUNY Upstate Medical University. He has been a writer, speaker, organizer and leader for community health for more than twenty-five years.  He has worked in primary care, emergency, public health and corrections.  He was instrumental in starting the first integrated free health clinic in the US, which eighteen years later serves 4,000 people annually.   

In 2014 he began agitating for better workplace conditions and patient safety.  He become a union organizer, shop steward, and then Executive Board Member on the state level for the Public Employee Federation (PEF) of New York State employees.  He worked at the bedside in a Level 1 trauma center from 2016-2021, attending to patients throughout the pandemic.

Scott brought rich life experience and customer service to his healthcare career: Philadelphia Quaker, Italian cook, small businessman, and farmer.  A lifetime of independent thinking and troublemaking landed him in the company of Pierre and our team of dedicated nurses who are fiercely fighting to protect our freedom to practice medicine, so as to best promote the health of our patients.