Acute COVID-19 Treatment Visit

Acute COVID-19
Treatment Visit

COVID-19 Treatment

An Acute COVID-19 treatment visit will be led by a nurse practitioner who will review current symptoms, severity, and stage of the illness along with past medical history, and current medications. A COVID specialist doctor or nurse practitioner will then form a COVID-19 treatment plan appropriate to age, stage, and comorbidities.

Our Acute COVID-19 treatment specialized team will provide detailed information on all medications, including those to be purchased over-the-counter, including the need for oropharyngeal sanitization. All prescriptions will be electronically transmitted to trusted partner pharmacies which will fill both compounded and off-label medications for COVID-19 and related conditions.

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A nurse will contact you to help you schedule an appointment and collect payment.

Appointments will not be confirmed until all tasks have been completed and payment has been confirmed.