Prescription Policy

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  • Dr. Pierre Kory is an online doctor’s office, not a pharmacy. Our mission is simply to make it easy and painfree to treat simple medical issues online.
  • Our doctors are all independent practitioners and have full control over their own online medical practices.
  • Our medical protocols make sure we only prescribe when we are sure we can meet the nationally accepted “standard of care”. Sadly we can’t help everyone, so we may have to refer you to be seen in-person. We guarantee that we’ll keep your best interests at heart and give you good advice, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll give you a prescription.
  • Our doctors only write prescriptions for conditions we can safely and effectively diagnose and treat online with questionnaires, chat, phone calls, video and image uploads where needed. So in that way we’re different from a regular doctor’s office where the providers can perform hands on physical exams and do in office testing allowing them to manage all your outpatient health needs.
  • We operate in-line with state telemedicine regulations. This means that in some states you’ll need to complete a video or phone consult with one of our doctors. The doctor that takes responsibility for your care is licensed to provide care in your state.
  • They only write prescriptions for medications that are unrestricted meaning they do not prescribe any DEA controlled substances, like narcotics and benzodiazepines. We also do not provide medications for PrEP, sex hormones, ED, HSDD, morning after pills or chemical abortions. Beyond that each doctor may have their own personal restrictions to online practice based on what they believe it is safe to provide online.